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2014-12-12 15:52:49
Why You Should Sell Your Home During the Holidays

So, you've decided that you want or need to sell your home.  Interest rates are low, prices have gone up this year, you need more room, and it is just time to move on.  You talk to your neighbor, your sister, the butcher, baker, AND the candlestick maker, and they all agree that you should wait until spring.


This is one time that conventional wisdom is definitely incorrect.  Sure, it can be inconvenient to have people coming over, and you are afraid that you have to move the day after Christmas. But let's talk about a few reasons that one of the BEST times to sell your home is during the holidays! Here are my top five reasons.

1. Less Competition. One of the biggest reasons is that most people believe the conventional wisdom!  They don't list their home during the holidays because everyone says that it is a mistake.  Guess what that means?  FEWER homes on the market! Less competition!

2. Motivated Buyers. People who are shopping during the holidays really do need to buy something. They are on the market during this season because they have a time frame, and need to get moved.  Motivated buyers = better price for you.

3. People are happier during the holidays! Who wants a bunch of cranky people coming over?  The smell of evergreen, peppermint and Christmas music in the background makes everyone happier. Happier people are more likely to make an offer.

4. Your home shows better during the holidays. You have decorated, you have all your fanciness on display. Christmas lights, wreaths, statuary, maybe a snowman. Even the neighbors are helping you make the neighborhood and your house look good; they have all decorated just specifically to help you sell your house!  Isn't that nice of them?

5. People have time off. It could be easier to get both husband and wife to see your home during the holidays because they have time off from work. In a case where it could be difficult to get them both together at other times of the year, you can get them both in at the same time now.

6. Tax benefits. Visit with your accountant to find out how, but you could benefit now from selling your home before the first of the year.

Okay, that was 6 reasons, not 5, but you get my point. Oh, and as far as worrying about having to move right after the holidays, remember that you are in control of this transaction. You don't have to take any offer that is not advantageous to you, and you don't have to move until you are ready to commit to move! But, if the price is right, maybe you take the week before New Years and pack the truck. :)

Oh, and my wife and I bought our home in the winter, just after the holidays. It was the right time for us. What if the sellers hadn't listed during the holidays?  They would have lost us!!

The point is, winter, and specifically the holiday season, is a great time to list and sell your home. And, be sure you pick a professional Realtor who knows how to simplify the process for you. When I do my job, you enjoy your holiday and I do all the heavy lifting.



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2014-12-12 15:52:49
Why You Should Sell Your Home During the Holidays

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